Jan 03, 2023

Several years ago, I ran across three amazing attention-grabbing tricks that changed the way I wrote for television. I found out that top writers have been using these tricks for years to convince their viewers to pay attention, and listen to what they wanted to say. 

Fortunately, these techniques are not just for top professionals. They’re for anyone who wants their message to stand out in a noisy world. Here’s the first trick to get your message heard...

Start Writing Hooks. 

The purpose of a hook is to refocus 100% of the attention on you and what you are about to say. It instantly changes everything and guides the audience in the direction you want them to go. Three types of hooks include:

  1. Strong Captivating Statements– that will captivate the attention of the person or group you are communicating with. Be sure to tailor the statement to the specific interests, concerns, needs or desires of that specific person or group.
  2. Personal References– Refer to a person that your audience knows. Using celebrities that people are familiar with causes them to instantly pay attention.
  3. Specific Questions [Strongest] – must be very specific, not a general question. Bring the audience from where they are and into the present.

Add Salt to Sentences. 

How do you salt? Tell the reader what you are about to say, before you say it. Build their anticipation and curiosity. The more salt you lay down, the thirstier the audience will be to hear what you finally say. This second trick helps by:

  1. Keeping the audience’s attention level high and focused.
  2. Making them thirsty to hear what you are about to say.
  3. Raising the audience’s curiosity.

But this trick comes with a warning! Overuse it, and it becomes ineffective. 

Paint Emotional Word Pictures. 

These are words, statements or stories that create an instant picture in listeners’ minds that clarify what you are trying to say, and implant feelings into an audience’s emotions. This third trick will:

  1. Stimulate the right side of the brain – which is the feeling and visual side.
  2. Convey very clear visual pictures to stimulate feelings about the subject.
  3. Clarify what you are trying to say and implant feelings into their emotions.

If you’re serious about becoming a better communicator, start using these three tricks.

Then watch them get you more attention.