Dec 13, 2022

Not long ago, I came across an article that asked this question. To be honest with you, I really had never thought about my creative style. But I realized that it was important for me to explore. So I kept reading.

Here's what I jotted down in my notebook. They're questions you should ask yourself.

1. Are you Spontaneous. And fly by the seat of your pants?

2. Are you Calculated. And make sure every detail has to be right?

3. Are you a Collaborator. And need input from others?

4. Do you Create Alone. Lock the door and hammer it out?

5. Do you Create in A Group. Brainstorming flips your creative switch?

6. Or do you Delegate. Pass out assignments and expect them to get done?

As I discovered which styles fit me best...

I began to see strengths I needed to use, and weaknesses I needed to fix.

• Spontaneous Creators often miss important details.

• Calculated Creators don't leave room for surprises.

• Perfectionists can be unrealistic in their expectations.

• Collaborators need affirmation from someone else.

• Solitary creators need the balance interaction provides.

• Delegators want everything done for them & blame others for mistakes.

So, why is important to know how you create?

Being clear about how you like to work keeps everyone on the same creative page. Knowing why you work the way you do helps you understand your role. Your work style is probably one dominant category combined with one or two other styles.

As I create I find that I am a blend of styles.

As a Solitary Creator, I've learned the importance of collaborating with people. As a Perfectionist, I still have to overlook small details and concentrate on the big picture. Leaving room for spontaneous moments that always come along.

Intention helps me a focus by beginning with the end in mind. And think about what I want the audience to feel or experience between fade up and fade down. Writing down my intention creates a blueprint I can refer to as I chart my course.

By leading with intention and ending with intention...

I can shoot for the moon and work backwards creatively.